NEMBBA Autumn Contest Results

First Section

1. Horbury Victoria Band (Duncan Beckley)
2. Old Silkstone Band (David Maplestone)
3. Silk Brass (Tony Wyatt)
4. Chapeltown Silver Prize Band (Colum J O’Shea)
5. City of Coventry (Lee Woodward)

Best instrumentalist Charlie Welch (soprano, Horbury Victoria Band)

Second Section

1. Dobcross Silver Band (Jason M Smith)
2. Audley Brass (Tom Hancock)
3. Dronfield Genquip Band (Adrian Wood)
4. Shirebrook M.W. Band (Luke Pallister)
5. Shirland Miners Welfare Band (Lynden Cooper)

Best instrumentalist Rhys Kerry (horn, Audley Brass)

Third Section

1. Dobcross Silver Band (Jason M Smith)
2. Long Eaton Silver Prize Band (Sharon Stansfield)
3. Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band (Sam Johnston)
4. Amington Band (Chris Barker)

Best instrumentalist Emma Morris (cornet, Amington Band)

Fourth Section

1. Newark Town Band (Gary Wyatt)
2. Moulton 77 Band (Kirsty Woodhouse)
3. Sale Brass (Jess Tredea)

Best instrumentalist Jonathan Rookledge (euphonium, Newark Town Band)

Unregistered Section

1. Darley Dale Band (Richard Adams)
2. Shirland Training Band (David Hill)
3. Audley Community Band (Daniel Keen)

Best instrumentalist Rob Stew (Eb Bass, Darley Dale Band)

Training Band Section

1. Long Eaton Silver Prize Training Band (Sharon Stansfield)

Best instrumentalist Sarah Measures (cornet, Long Eaton Silver Prize Training Band)

A big thank you to everybody who worked so hard to make today’s contest a success:

  • Our adjudicator Martin Heartfield.
  • Our stewards and helpers Mike Allcock, Kevin Holdgate, Jo Priestley, Graham Healey, Ian Peberday, Rob Guest, Lynden Cooper, Melanie Cooper, our chairman John Slater and our president Marie Smith.
  • Our venue, The Whitworth for hosting the contest and their staff for being so helpful.
  • Newstead Brass for the loan of the percussion and Mark Davis and Graham Healey who transported it to and from the venue.
  • Our bands, without whom we not have had a contest and those of you who came to support the bands.