Long Service Awards

NEMBBA was delighted to award the following long service awards at our contest last weekend.

Stan Lippeatt (60 years)

Audley Brass
Gordon Bell (40 years)

Blidworth Welfare Band
Sarah Emblen (50 years)
Sandra Kowalenko (50 years)

Darley Dale & Derwent Brass
Richard J Adams (50 years)

Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band
Margaret Curran (60 years)
Mr. H McLaughlin (60 years)
Dr. Robert Brown (40 years)
Mr. M. Kilmartin (40 years)
Mr. P. Jones (25 years)
Mr. Richard Marshall (25 years)
Mr. Michael Kennedy (25 years)

Hucknall & Linby MC Brass Band
Paul Whyley (50 years)

Langley Band
David H J Mynott (60 years)
Vincent Dean (50 years)
Cliff Parker (50 years)

Leicestershire Co-op Band
John Randle  (50 years)

Matlock Band
Chris Banks (50 years)
David Batley (50 years)
Nigel Birch (50 years)
Lucy Clipsom (50 years)
Julie Dunne (50 years)
Tina Farr (50 years)
Peter G Smith (50 years)
Christopher Baldwin (25 years)
David Baldwin (25 years)
Jane Baldwin (25 years)
Carol Glossop (25 years)

Newark Town Band
William Ratcliffe (60 years)
Amanda Wells (50 years)
Kevin Wells (50 years)
Hannah Falla (25 years)

Newstead Brass
Sarah Peasley (25 years)
Carrie Sudbury  (25 years)
Amanda Edson  (25 years)
Bob Craddock  (25 years)

Pleasley Colliery Welfare Band
Martin Carlin (60 years)
Dave Marson (60 years)
Trev Milner (60 years)
Trevor Benson (50 years)
Joe Clark (50 years)
Steve Emery (50 years)
Ian Milner (50 years)
Alan Kemp  (50 years)
Lynne Dennis (25 years)
Dawn Evans (25 years)
Elizabeth Pearce (25 years)
Kevin Stewart (25 years)
Karen Varley (25 years)

Ratby Crescendo Band
Peter McHardy (60 years)
Lynne Plant  (60 years)
Guido Damore (50 years)
Phil Hall (40 years)
Neil Kenney (40 years)
Emily Bates (25 years)
Becky Cook (25 years)

Congratulations and thank you to all the above players for their long service to our brass band movement.