Contest Results

A big thank you to everybody who worked so hard to make this weekend’s contest a success:

  • Our adjudicators John Roberts (training bands, unregistered bands, fourth and second sections) and Alan Morrison (third, first and championship sections)
  • Our stewards and helpers Michael Allcock, Lisa Balsom, Judith Beckett, Martyn Beckett, Graham Cardwell, Chorkiu Chan, Brian Draper, Lynden Cooper, Melanie Cooper, Tina Farr, Freddie Farr, Rob Guest, Teresa Healey, Elaine Nicolson, Ian Peberday and our president Marie Smith.
  • A special thank you to Stanley Malcolm Lippeatt for stepping in and compering the second section on the Saturday for us.
  • Our venue, The Postmill Centre, for hosting the contest and their staff for being so helpful.
  • The Brass Band Music (Gavin Somerset) and Durham Music Shop (Brian Yates) for bringing their trade stands and donating music to our section winners.
  • Newstead Brass for the loan of the percussion and Mark Davis and his team of helpers from Newstead who transported it to and from the venue.
  • Our bands, without whom we would not have had a contest and those of you who came to support the bands.

The full results of the contest are:

Training Band Section

1) Ratby Crescendo Band (Becky Cook)
2) Long Eaton Silver Prize Band (Sharon Stansfield)

Best instrumentalist: Daniel Rigley (kit) Long Eaton Silver Prize Band

Unregistered Band Section

1) Shirland Training Band (David Hill)
2) Dronfield Daytime Brass (Roland Spencer)

Best instrumentalist: Jocelyn Trow (cornet) Shirland Training Band

Fourth Section

1) Whitwell Brass (Rob Deakin)
2) Matlock Band (Chris Banks)
3) Moulton 77 (Kirsty Woodhouse)
4) Bakewell Silver Band (Sarah Fellowes)

Best cornet: Christopher Emblen (Whitwell Brass)

Youngest player in the training band, unregistered band and fourth sections: Rowan Nicolson (Long Eaton Silver Prize Training Band)

Third Section

1) Dronfield Genquip Band (David Holling)
2) Newark Town Band (Gary Wyatt)
3) Long Eaton Silver Prize Band (Sharon Stansfield)
4) Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band (John Davis)
5) Maltby Miners Welfare Band (Terry Clifford)

Best euphonium: Emma McCormick (Long Eaton Silver Prize Band)

Second Section

1) Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band (Richard Marshall)
2) Leicestershire Coop Band (Ben Hewlett-Davies)
3) Shirland Welfare Band (Lynden Cooper)
4) Audley Brass (Tom Hancock)
5) Barnsley Brass (Ben Brickles)
6) Shirebrook Miners Welfare Band (Luke Pallister)
7) South Yorkshire Police Band (Leigh Baker)
8) Kippax Band (James Beecham)
9) Pleasley Colliery Welfare Band (Elizabeth Pearce)

Best soprano: Mike Kilmartin (Hatfield & Askern Colliery Band)

First Section

1) Unite the Union Brass Band (Jonathan Beatty)
2) Yorkshire Imperial Band (Garry Hallas)
3) Hucknall and Linby MC Brass Band (Paul Whyley)
4) Langley Band (Cliff Parker)
5) City of Coventry Brass (Lee Woodward)
6) Strata Brass (Leigh Baker)
7) Chapeltown Silver Prize Band (Colum O’Shea)
8) Harborough (Ben Smith)
9. Carlton Brass (Chris Banks)

Best cornet: Maria Beazer (Unite the Union Brass Band)

Championship Section

1) Newstead Brass (Martin Heartfield)
2) Horbury Victoria Band (Duncan Beckley)
3) Blidworth Welfare Band (Gary Perrin)

Best euphonium: Michael Dodds (Horbury Victoria Band)
Best horn: Richard Shaw (Newstead Brass)